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Holiday Traditions The Hubb Club's Favorite Christmas Traditions

Legacies We Leave, Portraits

It’s the most…wonderful time…of the yeearrrrr!! When I think of legacies to leave behind, I think of holiday traditions. What will be those things that my children remember most from their childhood? Easter egg decorating. Fourth of July fireworks. Thanksgiving feast. But one of my favorites is Christmas tree hunting. This week I thought I would share with you one of the Hubb Club’s favorite Christmas traditions and why we love it so much. I dug back a few years for these pics. Thought it would be a fun to look back at some older pics.

If you’re like me you wait until Thanksgiving is over before pulling out those Christmas decorations. My husband teases me each year as I turn our home into what he loving calls Santa’s workshop. We don’t simply put up a tree and hang a wreath. Oh No! Christmas decorations replace the regular home decor and nearly every room gets a tree. The family tree goes in the living room, Mom’s tree by the front door, my boys and my daughter each have a tree in their rooms. And if I get my way this year we may add a tree in the basement. I grew up with artificial trees. They are the easiest to care for (no watering, can I get an amen) and they always look amazing. My husband grew up with real trees. So instead of arguing over real or fake we just decided we would have more than one tree.

Visiting a tree farm and cutting our own tree is definitely one of the Hubb Club’s favorite Christmas traditions!

Each year we are close enough to a tree farm we will take a day and wander the fields searching for the perfect tree. One year when we lived in Texas we had cathedral ceilings and don’t you know that my husband just had to have a 10ft (plus) tree to fill the space. I really don’t remember how we got the angel on top of that one! At first I resisted this process. Real trees are beautiful but they aren’t sturdy enough to hold my heavy ornaments and if not watered properly they die quickly. Then there is the tear down and disposing of the tree. I honestly think last years tree is still in the back yard waiting to be burned. LOL. BUT the tradition of finding a tree together as a family has been priceless. I can hear the laughter from the kids when they were little running through the trees playing hide and seek. Remembering how I laughed when my husband would suggest trees that I knew would be way too big for the house and kindly trying to point him in the direction of the still huge but smaller 7 ft trees.

Once we got the tree home the fun of getting it through the door and into the living room was always an adventure. If we ever get to build our own home I will make sure we have a double front door and a straight path to the living room for easy tree installation! HA! Yes, visiting a tree farm and cutting our own tree is definitely one of the Hubb Club’s favorite Christmas traditions.