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Snow Days in Fredericksburg Jessica & Sobaka


My sweet friends Melissa and Jessica approached me a little over a month go to pencil them in for a snow shoot! This one would depend on flexibility and the weather. After all, we live in Fredericksburg it could snow anytime between December or April. And the amount of snow, well that is totally unpredictable. So when we received an early Christmas present of five inches of snow the shoot was on! We just had to wait a few days for the roads to clear (I’m a chicken when it comes to driving in the snow).

Let the Snow Days in Fredericksburg begin!

Three days after the snow hit we made a time to meet! I was really worried the snow would be gone. As I drove to our shooting location the main roads were nearly clear with little sign of snow left. But thankfully it had been cold enough under the shade of all these tall Virginia trees. So we had plenty fluffy. white stuff for our shoot.

I loved the last shoot I did with Melissa and Jessica downtown and couldn’t wait to work with them again. Jessica mentioned she wanted a shoot with her pup. I thought that sounded great. I had no idea what her pup looked like so when I showed up and met Sobaka I couldn’t have been more excited! He was so beautiful and regal looking and I couldn’t wait to get the two of them in front of my lens. I’m always a little nervous when pets are involved. I’m never quite sure who they will react to a large black camera being stuffed in their face. But Sobaka was a dream. I even think he was showing off a few times. I already knew Jessica would be wonderful to work with and Sobaka was a dream.

Melissa your makeup was flawless once more! Jessica I had the best time with you and your sweet pup. I’ve been husky hunting ever since! Girls thanks again for an amazing day and another amazing shoot!