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Old Town Fredericksburg Teen Session Fantastic Fun with Friends & Photography

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Do you remember your middle school years?? Most of my memories consist of sports, school dances and fun times with friends. As I look back through old pictures a smile flashes across my face. No one ever seemed to take a picture alone. We always had to grab a friend or two to join us for the shot! I’m sure there was drama with classmates and dread about classes or grades. But the good memories and fun times with friends outweighed the bad. Those memories inspired me to make something special happen for my middle schooler. I didn’t want to simply take pictures of him and his friends. I wanted them to have an amazing experience as well. So we headed to Old Town Fredericksburg for a fantastic teen session.

It’s Friday in Fredericksburg and I’m hitting Old Town with seven teenagers for an amazing night out!

I had no clue if the kids would be excited but I most certainly was! My son Noah invited a group of friends to join us downtown for pictures and pizza! As each friend arrived the excitement increased. The market square was filled with so much laughter and energy I couldn’t wait to get started! Some of his friends I had met, but most I had only heard about. So this was a real treat for me to see them all hanging out together! I didn’t have to work at making any of them smile they handled that themselves. Like when, one of them informed everyone else that they were only his backup, as I was only focusing on him! HA! There was also a decent amount of photobombing which made for some great shots! The night was electric!

We ended the evening with pizza from Benny Vitali’s and an unscheduled stop at Fredericksburg Cupcake for dessert! I’m pretty sure a great time was had by all! Especially me!! Noah, Mackenzie, Nick, Sara, Brooklyn, Isaiah & Riya – Thank you so much for spending Friday night with me downtown. I had the best time with all of you!!! Hope y’all know how amazing it is to have this group of friends! I pray it was an experience Y’all won’t soon forget. Can’t wait to do this again!!