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A Watermelon Summer


Have y’all seen all these fun “National Holidays” lately? If you missed it we just celebrated National Ice Cream Day in July. Don’t worry there are plenty more ice cream days, I think National Ice Cream Sandwich day is coming up soon! Did you know there is a National Popcorn, Chocolate Cake, and Grill Cheese and day too??!! Even Macintosh computers have their own day. The list is fun for sure, just about every ice cream flavor has their own day and different types of cakes too. Are you following my sweets trend here?! Of course there are the other kinds, like Tell a Joke Day, but some just doesn’t seem as fun or exciting to me. Then there was one that I just had to take the time to capture… watermelon!

What could be more perfect than ice cold watermelon on a hot summer day?

National Watermelon Day on Thursday, August 3rd and I absolutely LOVE watermelon. Recently, I have been freezing it and using it in my vanilla protein shakes every morning, so refreshing! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you put it on your “to try” list! I told my husband we may need to stock up and fill the freezer for the winter, I’m just kidding, well only a little. Watermelon is just so good, especially when it’s ice cold on a hot summer day. It’s also a great incentive to get a child to sit still for photographs, especially in high heat. Beautiful Virginia farmland, beautiful bright eyes and a slice of ice cold watermelon really does make for a great experience and a great photo!

Thank you, Debbie and Nance’s Rustic Rentals for the amazing watermelon stand setup! I had the best time with this shoot; And the kids absolutely LOVED the ice cold watermelon!! It was wonderful capturing the simple joy of a child enjoying a watermelon treat. We will be hosting more Watermelon mini sessions until the end of summer! These sessions give you an opportunity to capture your child’s summer in a fun way with one of the best icons of summer…Watermelon!