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Best Little Pumpkin Patch Choosing the perfect pumpkin is always loads of fun!

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Every year we have big plans for visiting a pumpkin patch with the family. The first year we lived in Virginia we visited Millers Farm! The weather was cool enough for sweaters and boots, and the sun provided the perfect touch of warmth for an enjoyable day. We did it all. Took the hayride, let the kids choose the biggest pumpkins, and tried all the different pumpkin treats. It was farm fresh goodness all around. As much as we wanted to make Millers an annual tradition we were unable to make it out to the farm this year. Instead we found the best little pumpkin patch at one of the local churches.

I loaded up all four kids, 3 teenage boys and a little princess, and we took off to find pumpkins.

It had been a busy week and I was tired. As much as I wanted to have fun at a patch and get great shots I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off. I was running out of time. So I drove the crew to Wegman’s. Yes I know, shame! It’s not the same. But truly Wegman’s has a great display outside their stores. When we pulled into the parking lot my daughter indignantly asked “What are we doing here?”. Ha! No fooling this girl. She wanted to go to the “real” pumpkin patch and recounted all the wonderful details of Millers from two years ago.

side note – good thing too as it was the last weekend in October Wegman’s display was already being taken down and it wasn’t as fabulous as it was at the beginning of the month)

So we pulled out of the parking lot in search of another patch. I hoped and prayed that the one on the way home in front of one of the local churches would satisfy her. Millers closes at 5:00, it was 4:49 and we were still 40 minutes away. No way were we making it out there. As we drove by I asked if that patch looked good, and she exclaimed “oh yes yes let’s go there it’s so cute”! Jackpot, we have a happy princess. By the way, at this point the three teenage boys just wanted to get home and eat the monster Wegmans cookies I bribed them with earlier. The funny this is they grumble about doing these kinds of things but then always seem to have a great time once we arrive.

When all was said and done we had a great time and made it home with a beautiful display of pumpkins.