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Every year we have big plans for visiting a pumpkin patch with the family. The first year we lived in Virginia we visited Millers Farm! The weather was cool enough for sweaters and boots, and the sun provided the perfect touch of warmth for an enjoyable day. We did it all. Took the hayride, let […]

I’ve shared before how much I love collaborating with other creatives. I get such a great charge and new energy when working with others. Some work well alone but my creative process requires a great deal of give and take from  others with similar passions. Finding those people is the trick! This is where I […]

In the spirit of short summers we decided to make as many short trips as we could! Our quick turn around trip to the Big Apple was fabulous, exhausting and worth every minute. We hadn’t even unpacked our bags before we hopped back in the car and headed to Maryland to visit with family. Life […]

Thinking back to the beginning of my marriage and my husband’s Marine Corps career, retirement seemed so far away. Would he go the full 20+? We decided to take it one tour at a time and see where the Marine Corps and God sent us. Well, here we are 20 years later watching dear friends […]

It’s August – It’s Hot and Humid – It’s Been a Crazy Busy Summer. So what is one to do? Simple, it’s time for a break, time to escape the hectic routine and the heat. Our family is very good at planning. As a military family we have to be able to make a plan […]

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