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Downtown Fredericksburg Senior Session

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What do you remember about your High School years? I’m sure I experienced some level of stress . But I can only remember the awesome parts! Friends, sports, events, dances; notice how I didn’t list academics. Academics are an obvious part of school, but what made high school great was the relationships. When we decided to discontinue homeschooling so our kids could attend high school, academics was only part of it. I prayed my kids would have the same amazing experiences I did. After spending the afternoon with Jacob for his Downtown Fredericksburg Senior session, it reminded me that it’s not the place which provides those experiences. It’s a person’s outlook and how involved in life they choose to be. Therefore, no matter if it’s public school, private school or homeschool, it’s up to you to make those years count. And hopefully create some great memories along the way!

High School is where kids should start creating great relationship experiences!

Jacob enjoyed 12 years of homeschool. His family, like ours, is military and moved across the United States from place to place every three years or so. From what I could tell Jacob never viewed this nomad life in a negative light. He has friends, really good friends, scattered all over the US. I bet he could drive from East to West and find himself at the front door of a friends home at every place he stopped. I mean how awesome is it when it’s time for Prom and you get to travel to a different state to attend prom with good friends. How does that not translate into awesome experiences?

Jacob also had the opportunity to experience a leadership trip out of the country. He lit up as he told me all about the work, community service and surfing he was able to do on his two week trip. He said it really inspired him. It also reignited that fire to keep experiencing life and not get stuck in one spot. Listening to him talk as we wandered the streets of Fredericksburg made me smile. He was so well spoken and just a joy to spend time with. I know his family is so proud of him. Even though it’s time for Mom & Dad to let this arrow loose, I’m sure they are confident it will fly straight and true.

Jacob was a joy to spend time with!

Jacob I wish you the very best of luck wherever you go and with whatever you do. Don’t quit playing that guitar. It is something in which you can always find joy and comfort. You are an amazing  (and handsome 😉 ) young man. Good Luck in this next phase of your life. Your life will be full of wonderful experiences if you hold onto that adventurous spirit. Thanks for allowing me to be a little part of your story!