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Three Amazing Kids

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What grade are you in when you’re 12 years old? Somewhere in middle school I think. I remember when I was 12 years old it was the first time I started comparing myself to other girls. I wanted to fit in and be accepted. But what I didn’t get was that I didn’t have to be the SAME as all the other girls to fit in. I just needed to be me. I can remember thinking that I wasn’t thin enough, pretty enough, stylish enough. But when I look back at photographs of myself I was all of those things. Ok maybe not stylish enough LOL but I was thin and I was pretty. I just wish I had someone speaking that truth into me a little more loudly than all the other negative talk I was speaking to myself. So Saturday when I had a session with three amazing kids I remembered how much encouraging kids at any age is something I 100% believe in! 

Our session started off as any average session would. Mom was anxious and the kids were less than enthused about taking pictures. Bella who is a beautiful young lady was wearing a shade yellow I can not pull off myself. I told her she looked beautiful and I could see the insecurity in her eyes. In my mind I thought well we can’t have that! Time to speak life into this beautiful child! By the end our session she was ready for next top model and asking when we could take pictures again! YES! Success!! Y’all, seriously tell me this girl isn’t one of the pretties things you’ve seen. She smiles with her eyes! I love it!

Encouraging kids at any age is something I 100% believe in!

Her brothers were adorable as well. Jacob and Lincoln were full of energy. Jacob made great conversation and there was no tricking him into giving me a smile. But when he deiced to let one loose it lit up the sky. Sweet Lincoln is on the autism spectrum and so my heart immediately was drawn to him as he reminded me so much of my sweet Cody at this age. Full of energy and needing a place to release it all. So once Mom trusted me enough, we played a little game of run from Mom to Bella and we were able to capture some amazing shots of this sweet little boy!

Tracy you have the sweetest little family and you are doing an amazing job being mama to these three children. Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with them and capture who they are at this moment in time. Bella is beautiful  inside which shines through her eyes when she smiles. I hope that is something she never forgets. Jacob is super smart and witty. He definitely kept me on my toes. And Sweet Lincoln, just keep loving on him girl. He is a special gift from God for sure!