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Kerns Twins Birthday Fun

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Happy Birthday to You!! What better reason to have photos taken than for your birthday. Seriously why didn’t I ever think of this before now! Everyone is always happy on their birthday (aren’t they?). It’s a perfect time for pictures! Can you remember a time when you got excited about balloons? You didn’t need any thing else to play with besides those big colorful floating orbs. When Dawn messaged me about planning a time to take pics because the twins were turning six I immediately thought, balloons!

First we had to get a little work done. New headshots were needed since these sweet girls are just growing like weeds. Keeping their look up to date for job opportunities is an important part of this exciting actress life they lead. After two years of taking headshots they are definitely becoming little pros! We all know that the quicker we knock out the work the faster we get to the fun! Knowing they had a surprise on the horizon they rocked their headshots in no time!

As they practiced wardrobe changes I went to the car to get their surprise! Just some fun crafty treats … And Balloons!! Check out how much fun we had!