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Snow Days in Fredericksburg These Hubb Cubs Don't Hibernate


Snow Day!! Finally after living in Virginia for two and half years we get a decent snow! Not just once but twice! When we first found out we were leaving the high deserts of California and moving to Northern Virginia we all got excited about seasons again. Once we locked on a home to rent our new landlord sent a photo of the home during the last winter. There was a snow trench from the driveway to the front door! Needless to say the kids were super excited and couldn’t wait to experience their first big snowfall. Well it took two and half years but we finally got our snow days in Fredericksburg this year! And let me tell you these Hubb cubs don’t hibernate. They really do love the snow!

My Texas born daughter is the most serious snow cub of the group. I’m not sure if it’s because she is eight or she just really loves that cold white stuff. She can stay out there for hours and the cold doesn’t really seem to bother her. I on the other hand can play for just about an hour then I am ready for a warm drink and a cozy blanket by the fire.

There is something magical about a freshly fallen white snow. It’s like a beautiful white blanket that covers the earth. And my absolute favorite is when it hugs every branch on the trees making them look simply magical. Now once I’ve seen this beautiful site, captured a few images with my camera and the kids have had their fun; I’m ready for the sun to reappear. This Texas girl runs 100% on the power of the sun. I can only handle these cold wet winters for so long. What about you? Snow bunny or Beach Bum?