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Senior Rep Teams Pictures or More Fun with Friends

Senior Portraits

Why Senior Rep Teams? I imagine a Senior guy thinking why on earth would I want to be apart of a Senior Rep team and have to endure more than one senior portrait session during my senior year? It’s already bad enough my mom is forcing me to take senior portraits. Can’t you hear it? Can’t you see the eye rolls. LOL. Well, I would then say that is exactly why a guy like that should consider being on my Senior Rep Team. Pictures are always more fun with friends. I don’t have to convince girls of this fact, they already know pictures are more fun with friends! Don’t we girls??

So why join the SHP Senior Rep Team? First because I am a passionate about giving teens a voice and a choice to express who they are through pictures. Don’t get me wrong we will definitely get those “mom” shots. You know the ones where you are smiling nicely in the crisp clean shirt. I’m a mom I love those shots too. But I also want to capture the real essence of each Senior I photograph. Maybe they are the shy quiet type or the a little crazy artistic type. I want to capture that as well. When you or anyone else looks at your Senior portraits I want them to see you. I don’t want them to see a nice image of you holding a pose that you were forced into.

Being a part of the Senior Team allows you to capture your whole senior year in a different and unique way. You will still have your own personal session with me. You will also be invited to attend four unique styled shoots through out your senior year. For example we may decided to do a cocktail hour shoot where the girls all wear little black dresses and the guys sport some fancy suits. Or we may decided barefoot on the beach is what fits our team best. The awesome part is YOU get a voice! It’s your senior year after all!

So if you’ve read this far and it sounds like something you’d be interested in, click this LINK, fill out the short form and I will send you more information about joining the 2020 Senior Rep Team!

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