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Fredericksburg Maternity Session Adam & Ashley | Fredericksburg, Virginia


It’s been well over 16 years since I learned Chad and I were expecting our first child. The list of emotions I went through was long. But one feeling always seemed to overpower the rest. Love! Even now as I think back my heart swells with love, joy and hope. Love for my husband and for the new life that was developing. Then joy as I imagined meeting our child for the first time. Finally hope of who our child would become. Sixteen years later I still feel those same emotions when I think of my children. But the love has deepened and the joy is overflowing and I’m beyond excited as I hope for their futures. All these feelings came rushing back as I prepared for my first Fredericksburg maternity session.

“…passing on a legacy of love…”

When Ashely asked if I would be her maternity photographer I was nearly brought to tears. Photographing such an important and special time in someones life is something I don’t take lightly. Especially when their “why” is about passing on a legacy of love. “When our baby looks back over these pictures after Adam and I are gone, I want that child to know, more than anything, Mom and Dad loved each other in a way that inspires them to wait for that kind of love! Because it really does exist.”

Ashley & Adam, I wish nothing but the best during this special time in your lives. Enjoy the last weeks of being two, before your precious child arrives and makes you three! Continue to love each other with all your hearts not only in words but in deeds. If you do this I know you will pass along a legacy of love for generations to come. Thank you for allowing me to be a witness and capture these beautiful moments between the two of you! Can’t wait to meet Baby G!