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Get Outside This Fall Cool weather fun with the Kerns Twins

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Let’s Get Outside this Fall!

Fall has finally arrived, a little late, but it’s here! The leaves seem a little confused. It seemed some started dropping before they even turned. An now the ones turning seem to be doing so in a rather odd fashion. Only parts of the trees have turned and the other parts are still green. I was hoping for vibrant Fall colors but I have this scary feeling I’m going to miss it! Of course the only real way I will miss it is if I don’t get outside this fall. Why has our culture turned into “people of the indoors”. The weather is gorgeous and my children have to be forced to go outside and enjoy the fresh, crisp air. But not these two girls. Join me as I show you all the cool weather fun I had with my favorite set of twins who know how to get outside!  
When I arrived they were already waiting for me and I received the best reception. Two of the cutest girls running towards me with arms open, ready for hugs! Wow, my heart leaped for joy! They were so excited to be outside, to see me and to have fun taking some pictures! We brought coats and blankets in case the wind started whipping up but we barely needed them. The skies were clear and the sun was shinning!

I knew the day would be filled with wonder & laughter.

Adeline & Ansley are child actresses. They need new headshots taken regularly since their look changes often as they grow. They had recently received new haircuts so of course we needed new photos! I’m always ready when these two call. Mainly because I love hanging with their mom as much as I love seeing them. But also because I knew that the day would be filled with wonder and laughter. We got serious and took some great headshots at the beginning and then we took the time to play!
As we walked to the barn the girls explored the path before us like they had never been outside before. Collecting pebbles, feathers, beans and asking at least 5 questions every 10 steps. Oh to have that zest for life, that awe and wonder, it filled me with energy as I watched. When exactly do we lose that curiousness for the world around us? Maybe some don’t. Those adventurers, I follow on Instagram, who have the fabulous travel photos are still exploring with wonder. But the rest of us seem to go blind to the beauty around us as we go about our tasks each day. Maybe we can take a page from these girls and remember to look up, admire and wonder at the world around us today. 
Dawn I love your family! I’m so glad that we met. It has been a real treasure watching the girls grow these last few years. I know they work hard but I also know that you work even harder for them behind the scenes. One of these days maybe I will get you in front of my camera as well. 😉 Have a great Fall and good luck with whatever new adventures y’all have on the horizon I can’t wait to follow along. 

If you want to watch these girls rise to stardom follow their adventures on instagram @kernstwins