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The Beauty I See Everyday Come take a look through my eyes


Toby Mac recently released a new single titled, Everything. It’s like he read my mind when he wrote this song. Ok I’m sure he doesn’t even know who I am and probably doesn’t have mind reading powers. But his song and the vision executed in his video is exactly how I would describe seeing life through my eyes. There is plenty of hatred, sadness & ugliness in this world. So I decided it is my goal to find the good, love & beauty each day. Did you catch that? I decided…I choose to find it! Some days I may have to look harder than others but I never give up until I find something beautiful. Come along and I’ll show you the beauty I see everyday.

The easiest place to look for beauty is in nature. I believe in God so I thank Him regularly for the beauty he creates for us to enjoy each day. The soft pinks of an early sunrise or the dramatic flashes of color during a fantastic sunset. The flowers the bloom in spring or the shades of blue you find in oceans. If you would like to see some truly amazing photos of God’s beautiful earth  you should follow my sweet friend Theresa Rasmussen and her photographic adventures.

The easiest place to look for beauty is in nature.

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Another place I find beauty is in the joyful smiles and laugher of children. Their joy seems so pure and effortless. They are simply joyful because it’s the best feeling in the world. Any chance I get I focus in and try to feed off that joyful energy they share. And every now and then I capture of piece of it to save for later. So the next time you are around some crazy kids and they are being loud and silly. Instead of trying to quiet them down back up and watch them. Just watch the light dance in their eyes and the smiles on their faces. It’s one of the most beautiful things to see!

outdoor family pictures - Stacie Hubbard Photography Family Portrait Session Chancellorsville, VA - Stacie Hubbard Photography

One last place I enjoy finding beauty is in Love. My heart leaps for joy when I can capture love in a photograph. I know I’ve captured it when I can look back on that photo and feel that same sense of joy that filled me up when I first snapped the shutter. Tell me when you look at these photos can you feel the love?


Are you still wondering about that Toby Mac song?? Well here you go…Enjoy!