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Girls Summer Portrait Session Fun Times with The Kerns Twins

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Summer time is here! It’s time for playing outside and making great memories. Those memories are even sweeter when you have a sister to share them with. Sidewalk chalk, water play and exploring nature are just a few that come to mind. Lazy days of summer were such a wonder as a child. All play and no work, I wish those times never had to end. Running around, playing and having fun times with the Kerns Twins brought back those fond childhood memories. We really had a great time during our girls summer portrait session!

Every time I have a session with these girls I know it’s going to be a fun time. They are the smartest little 5 year olds I know! I recently read an article that stated kids ask about 300 questions a day now imagine you have twins … LOL!! But I will say these girl ask some pretty great questions. With it being summer most of the questions I fielded were nature related. We went down a whole trail full of frog questions since they recently found one under the back deck. I love that these pretty little girls look forward to getting their hands dirty while they play!

Ansley & Adeline thanks for showing me a great time once again!! I truly love hanging out with you girls! Hope you make many more great memories this summer.