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Happy Birthday Dad! Baldwin W. Walker - Vintage - Aged 90 Years


Happy Birthday Dad!!! Today my Dad turns 90 years old!! 90! Born in 1928 he has seen some amazing changes in our world. I love hearing his stories. There are the ones of the sod house where he lived. The first time his aunt got gas powered washing machine! But one of my favorites is the ones about how he would receive 25 cents to spend the day watching movies at the theater with a bowl of chili, handful of crackers, pocket full of candy and still go home with change! Dad actually heard FDR’s speech on the radio the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. As I think back of all the major events that have happen since 1928 I feel that he has lived during one of the most amazing times. To see the transition from telephone party lines to FaceTime, from radio to watching tv on small wireless devices. How cool to have experienced all those changes!

Happy, Happy Birthday Dad!

Besides being witness to some amazing events these past 90 years my Dad is one of the most selfless and wonderful people I know. Always putting others before himself. Always!! He also doesn’t seem to know the word impossible. He is a jack of all trades! Dabbling in just about everything from photography, amateur ham radio to tailor. I’m sure he said no to my sister and I plenty of times but I really only remember the times he said yes! He believed we could do anything we put our minds to and then stood behind us every step of the way.

Dad, I will never be able to thank you for everything you have done for me! My only hope is that I can raise my children as well as you raised me! Loving them as you loved me. Happy, Happy Birthday Dad! Can’t wait to have a bigger party when you hit triple digits! 😉


A special thank you to all our friends & family who took the time to send Dad a birthday card! He was speechless and so overwhelmed with joy!! You really helped to make his day special!!

One more big shout out to Amanda from Sorby Sweets for the amazing birthday carrot cake!! It was so soo sooo delicious!