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Happy Thanksgiving Friendsgiving in Fredericksburg


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!! When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of family, food, and fun! My day isn’t complete without those three things. Even though I’d love to stay cuddled warm in my bed, I rise early before the rest of the house. Brew myself a nice warm cup of coffee and check my list of dishes to make and which order to prepare them in. As my crew wakes up I begin enlisting them for different task. Papa sits at the table to cut and peel apples for the pie. The kids all receive task of opening cans, cutting fruit or gathering spices from the cabinets. Before I know it clattering noise fills the kitchen as we all try and work around each other. It’s the best feeling in the world. Warm house, smiling faces and my heart filled with joy!

Friendsgiving in Fredericksburg

We actually haven’t spent a Thanksgiving at home in a long time. As of late we have been having a lot of Friendsgivings. Which I absolutely love! Our friends are like extended family and Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. So I see no better way to spend the day than to add a few more people to the mix. This year we spent Thanksgiving at the Blanton’s home. Morgan decided we needed a non-traditional kind of Thanksgiving dinner. And when Morgan is inspired you just go with it! She is an amazing chef so I knew everything that day would be wonderful!

Instead of the traditional turkey day we had ribs, brisket, the best baked beans, southern livings mac & cheese (so good, probably so not good for you), a few other traditional sides and of course dessert. Morgan made some amazing bourbon pecan brownies and a cheddar bacon crusted apple pie. We brought a traditional apple pie and crustless pumpkin pie. There was no lack of food and plenty of yummy leftovers. I don’t think any of us missed the turkey.

Again I say Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I pray that you had a wonderful time with family & friends.

For our family to your xoxo!