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Hi, friends, I am so excited to share this Fall wedding in Virginia with you today! This Fall has been a busy one for me! In a this wedding is sort of the grand finale for my Fall shooting season! I get asked a lot if I photograph weddings and my answer is always, YES! […]

Hey Y’all!! I am so excited to share this wedding at Fawn Lake Country Club with you today! This wedding marks the first step in a new direction for this beautiful couple and for my business. I love being able to witness the moment when man and woman become husband and wife. Marriage holds a special […]

It’s wedding season but the weather in Virginia didn’t seem to get the memo. Nearly every weekend in May the clouds gathered and opened up for their own kind of party! Flashing lightning. Pouring rain. Our rivers were swelling and pushing the edges of their banks. But what can you do when the day has […]

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