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My Why… Take Pictures & Change Lives How can pictures change a life?


Let me ask you something? Why do we take the time and spend the money to have our photographs taken? Seriously. Stop. Think. Now what is your why? I enjoy taking photos for many reasons. Documenting milestones in my children’s lives. Capturing special once in a lifetime events. But one of the main reasons I love taking pictures is help change the lives of my clients. How can pictures change a life? Well listen to this story from a recent client of mine and you tell me?

My Why…Take Pictures & Change Lives

I recently met Jessica. She is the sister of a very talented makeup artist I connected with through my local Tuesdays Together group in Fredericksburg, VA. I had absolutely no idea what Jessica had been dealing with when I met her. She exuded so much joy who would have known what was bubbling under the surface.

From Jess: “Confession time… These last few months I have been struggling a lot with feeling pretty. Since my car accident, I’ve gained a lot of weight due to the inability to be as active and to some of the medications I’ve been prescribed, and I felt it. I felt uncomfortable with myself and discouraged. But, turning 33 brought this since of change, of happiness with myself and who God says I am. First, Tina Grace DeSeta gave me such a beautiful new hair style. And then, Melissa Eadie asked me to model for her for a 70’s themed photo shoot she had planned. I had not modeled since I put on the weighed, and felt a bit uncomfortable and unsure while getting ready. Then I met Stacie Hubbard, and she made me feel so confident and happy with myself. When I look at these pictures, I feel such joy! I see the beauty that God has given. God used these three special ladies to speak truth into my life and remind me of the beauty He creates. So, if the devil ever tries to lie to you and tries to make you feel bad about yourself, don’t buy into his lies!”

“When I look at these pictures, I feel such joy! I see the beauty that God has given.”

Thank you Jessica for sharing your story and allowing me to share it with my readers! I’m so honored to have been a part of this wonderful break through at this stage in you life. My prayer is that you never forget who you are, who you truly are – a beloved daughter of Christ. I pray your story inspires and encourages others to see the beauty within themselves as well.