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Let me tell you a story...

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Do you remember your middle school years?? Most of my memories consist of sports, school dances and fun times with friends. As I look back through old pictures a smile flashes across my face. No one ever seemed to take a picture alone. We always had to grab a friend or two to join us […]

Our Baseball Family, Fredericksburg, VA The evening was chilly. I sat wrapped up in a cozy blanket with sharpened pencils and scorebook in hand I watched my boys take the field. Noah climbed the pitcher’s mound. While Caleb headed to third. Dad was right where he wanted to be. In the dugout. Giving orders. We […]

I remember playing multiple sports in school. But I only played them one at a time and we had decent breaks between seasons. These guys manage to play multiple sports regularly along with all the other typical teenage to do’s. The only word I have for these guys is Impressive! Normally their Friday nights would […]

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